Thursday, June 25, 2009

A. Tierney

A little bit ago I won a A.Tierney bangle from the Pink Tutu! I got it in the mail while I was on Vacation and couldn't wait to wear it! I have worn it many times since then and have received so many compliments! The bracelet is even prettier in person than the website shows it! I thought I would share a few pictures of it with ya'll! These were taken before Phillip and I headed to dinner at the beach, we snapped a few quick pictures :)

Thanks again! I love it so much!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Real Men Wear Lilly

Daddy and his girls on Father's Day <3>
I got him this Lilly tie as one of his Father's Day gifts and he was so proud of it! It matched both my sister and me perfectly! We had such a lovely day on Sunday and enjoyed spending time with the family. <3

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hence "The Salty Kiss"

I LOVE fishing! Whether is is deep sea fishing or just off shore, something about being in the vast water and surrounded by God's beauty is such an amazing feeling. It is completely relaxing to sun bathe and soak up that salty air, but thrilling to be fighting a fish as well. One reason my name is "The Salty Kiss" is because of my love for Mother Ocean! These pictures are from an adventure filled weekend with one of my best friends. We couldn't get our bait to the bottom before we caught another fish! Here are some fun pictures from the trip!

Megan and I riding to our "spot". New Lilly suit with lots of cute colorful fish! Of course we have to add a little Lilly in ;)

First fish of the day and one of the smallest! ha ha ha

Another BIG one!
Riding home :)

Our Catch! 18 red snappers, 2 massive Kings and 3 Bonita (Bait for another trip)
Then we had a huge fish fry with my family and friends. We feed over 10 people and still had PLENTY of left overs! Thanks to God for such a blessed trip and bounty!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Now I know what Heaven looks like...

(New Vintage inspired clothing tags)

"It's a Lilly World we live in"
-My sister

You know those weeks when you ask yourself, "Could things get any better?" That was my week when I went to Philadelphia, PA. As many of you probably know Lilly Headquarters is in Philadelphia, that is why the warehouse sale is there. When I heard the news that I was getting to go to the Sale, I was talking to Katie L. on the Phone. I literally squealed and jumped up and down. Not too long after that call, my cell phone rang again. I was thinking...o dear we aren't going to get to go....what's gone wrong... Now I am a believer in all things good and lovely.But sometime I worry that everything is going too well. Just when you hit that point something bad has to happen! Well, to my surprise this was another amazing call! Tori, one of the Lilly print designers offered us a private tour of Lilly HQ!! Wow...again the squealing and jumping ensued, and this time for much longer! So Friday of our Lilly Week we took the most amazing tour of our lives. Pulling into the parking lot you could feel the energy and happiness that radiated from the building. The weather was dreary, but I swear there was sunshine on the pink building and rainbows, and butterflies in the sky! ( Ok, that was a little exaggerated! te he he) The Lilly Jeep sat sparkling in there and the big pink cursive letters invited us in. Every detail in the building exuded sunshine.

We entered the lobby and continued into the design room, where Tori works. Adorning the walls were inspiration board for deigns to come in future collections. Each board piled high with fabrics, pictures, water colors, ect... The table was covered in these bright swatches of fabric. Aren't the colors just perfect! There were a few designers working on computer and sketching designs. Walking in just makes you feel creative! From there we walked into more offices where Lilly dresses and fabrics where hanging and propped in every corner. It was like a messy heaven! We met a few other people and continued on to the actually warehouse where the sale used to be many moons ago. We also stopped by the classic juice bar, and viewed the next collection! (Resort, I believe) The fabrics were to die for and a lot of the materials were environmentally green! How neat, we love pink and GREEN!

It truly was a great experience. Everyone was so kind and happy! How could you not be happy working there?? Here are a few more pictures from the tour!

Katie L. and I in a Lilly Golf cart! The seat and ceiling were covered in a beautiful print!

The fabrics piled in every corner!

My FAVORITE inspiration Board! I am a fisher and loved the addition of the "Gulps", bait! I can't wait to see what print comes from such an amazing inspiration board!

New Collection dresses!!! I looooooovvvveee them!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale!!!!!

" Lilly Pulitzer makes everyone look happier, richer, and more fun-loving than they probably are. Lilly equals sunshine."
- Johnathan Adler

Pictures from inside the Warehouse Sale!

And so the blogging begins! I am finally back from my 2 week vacation to Philly and North Carolina. I have to say these past weeks were some of the best of my life! In one week I got to go to the Lilly Warehouse Sale and go crazy, it was my birthday, and got a personal tour of Lilly P. HQ by one of their print designers! Could it get any better?? As I unpacked my stuffed suitcases last night I was Santa in June. As my sister sat there on the couch watching me reveal all my treasures ( the sale could defiantly be considers a treasure hunt), I adorned her and piled her high with new Lilly Polos, skirts, shoes, dresses, shorts, headbands, tops, sweaters... She thought she had died and gone to Lilly Heaven!!

The sale truly was amazing! Because we (Katie L my BFF and I) got to go to the Sale a day early we received extra bargains, plus an extra 25% off and BOGO where I noted. I took advantage of it! I normally don't buy Lilly unless it is on sale, I am a college student after all. I will by summer clothes during the winter and keep them put away wishing the spring would begin to flourish as soon as possible. Then right when it starts to hit those summer highs I buy the sweaters and save them away for chilly nights. But this time the bargains were better than ever and I can wear them right away! I am sure ya'll are wondering just how good the prices were:

Dress: $59-99
Shoes:$60 (+BOGO) really 30 each
Skirts: $39-59
Tops: $59-69
Polos: $24 (+BOGO) 12 each
Swimsuits: $59 (+BOGO)
Samples: $20-40 (+BOGO) this would include anything and everything. It is stuff
they take to show or use as promotions. All size 6 (THANK YOU LORD!). Perfect condition, just very limited in quantity! But this is where you find the real bargains!

All my Lilly Treasures!!

Ps- these pictures don't even do justice! Promise! he he he

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Plan Acourtingly for this award :) This is my first award and I am thrilled to receive it. I still consider myself a new blogger and to receive an award means a lot to me. Being so new I don't follow too many blogs yet. Truly I just bounce around between everyones and find new interests all the time off others pages and forget to follow yall! Here are a few blogs that I loves though :) 

Congrats, ladies! Don't forget...
The Rules:
1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
2. Pass the award to 15 (Sorry I only did a few!) other blogs that you have newly discovered.
Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Thanks Again for the award! I will be back from my vacation on Tuesday! Get ready for some major blogging! I promise it will be worth this brief hiatus I took !! 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More to Come!

Sorry it has been so long! I am still recovering from the Lilly Sale! My friend Katie and I were lucky enough to go a day early to the sale!! Through some connections we know an employee that works at headquarters in the Print Room...and a day before the public was allowed to shop employees and their guest were invited to shop! Let's just say I think I know what heaven looks like! I promise I will post pictures of everything we got and let you know all the details and adventures! The computer I am using right now is sooo old and slow! ha ha ha. But by the end of the weekend be looking for some pictures!