Monday, July 20, 2009

Giant Paper Flower!

This is the cutest project ya'll! I was watching The Martha Stewart Show on Friday and this is one of the projects they created! I am always ready to make any thing crafty, especially something like this where I had all the supplies already and I knew would turn out so perfect! The directions and a Video can be found right here!
I put my giant paper poppy flower on top of a card for a bridal shower to dress up a 'his and hers' gift card set (Sears for him and Bed, Bath and Beyond for her). The Shower theme was 'around the clock'; each girl was assigned a time to theme the gift. For example, 8 am: She received a pancake skillet with batter and all, plus a few spatulas to flip them! Then she would open 9, 10.... so on. A few funny ones were 12(noon) with a gift themed "Afternoon Delight ;)" , so on to 5 o'clock with wine glasses, martini glasses, Koozies, and drink mixes, even a zester! I received 3 o'clock... I figured what better time to go shopping! ha ha ha ( Although any time is good to shop for me!) Really gift cards were something where the Bride could pick out a gift she really wanted or needed! But EVERYONE loved the flower on top. The room was filled with teachers ( mostly k-2nd grade) and of course they wanted to make it a project for their kids in the classroom! It would make a perfect spring craft or Mother's Day gift for the little ones! And it really is that easy! Everything can be found on the Martha Stewart Show website ( Directions, Video, and Templates!)

Monday, July 6, 2009

I haven't worn a Skort since 1st grade!

...and now I can't get enough of them! This is my new workout obsession. I love buying workout clothes because I want to wear them and then inturn, I have to workout! Not to mention when you go to a university gym you have to look good! It is really just another social place on campus. These skorts are feminine and very comfortable. They are skirts, but still funtion for workouts because of the cute little shorts under them! Most have slits or zippers on the side to adjust for your workout or stride. There are no "wedgies" or riding up because the spandex stays in place well under the skirt, but it is a lot more modest than just wearing spandex! I think the fit of most are very flattering and make your legs look long and girly! Everyone is selling them now and I even picked up a few at TJ Maxx!

Snapshots for Charity

On Friday I took these pictures for a charity event. In the Spring my Mom's elementary school held a Relay for Life event; the event helps raise money to fight cancer. For her Relay for Life team she put a photo package up for auction (She is also a professional photographer). The highest bidder would receive a sitting and a few prints, as well as a CD with all the pictures. Now, my mother is an amazing photographer and her pictures turned out a lot better, but here are a few I shot. I just tagged along on the shoot to help set things up and make sure the details of the pictures (like spacing, seaweed on the ground, signs out of the way) were taken care of and the triplets were all looked after! While there, I snapped a few myself! These aren't edited at all, but they will be! Hopefully we can add these into the package!