Wednesday, August 26, 2009

All moved in!

I am all moved it! Here is a quick picture of my bedroom at school. It is quite eclectic with lots of bargains! The iron rod bed is almost 100 years old, my mom found it when she was very young in a burnt down house and had it restored and painted. The little white desk was also a restoration piece. Although it was not too old, it was very boring before my mom and I added our touch! Originally it was a very light pine color and looked very "modern". I was going for a shabby chic look in my room. So we painted it white and added the crystal knobs on each drawer. It turned out perfect and was very easy!

(this is the desk in the middle of the project! I sanded it and did a spray primmer, then continued to spray paint the desk.) I was a little worried about spray painting it, but I did my research online and looked at quite a few blogs as well, and decided to just take the plunge! It turned out great and I got a very nice even coat! We added little crystal knob like these to add a girly touch. And the next picture is of the other side of my room, I love the mannequin. I actually found it at Wal-Mart a few years back, my parents got it for me as a Valentine's Day gift! I use it to hold fun pins and some jewelery. Sometime its even gets dressed up for holidays!

This is a quick picture of my bathroom. I LOVE monograms (but what southern girl doesn't?!?)I love my new place! But if it weren't for my parents' hard work and help, it wouldn't look like this at all! We had to clean A LOT and move lots of heavy furniture! So many thanks to them. xoxo

Lilly Photo of the Week!

Welcome back... to me! ha ha ha. I need to get my act together, to say the least! A summer job, starting school, moving in, sorority recruitment, and a new internship has taken over my life! But I have lots to blog about now :) I am Miss Janice's Lilly photo of the week, so check it out!! If you want to know more about my Lilly trip ( where the pictures are from) I blogged about all the details at the beginning of the summer!! Hope you enjoy looking around my blog for anyone who is new!!