Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a week and its only... Tuesday!

I have officially started my internship! I am working at a CPA firm and in one day I have already learned so much. I filed a Corperate Tax return, individual tax return, and did something with extensions! Not to mentions learned 3 new programs and Quickbooks (kinda). ha... a little overwhelmed, yet so excited. Everyone in the office is so funny and inviting. I have A LOT of questions and they are all more than helpful! Can't wait for Tax Season! ha ha ha.

On top of that, school (although only on the second week) is getting hectic. Quizzes are flying my way, readings to be done every night and test will be here before I know it. Even though I am a little stressed, I really like a few of my teachers. I am hoping to learn a lot and hopefully it will all correlate with my internship.

It is also Fraternity Rush week. I made the CUTEST buttons for the girls that were helping and we all wore them last night. I will post a picture soon! I only made a few and was bombarded with girls (and boys) wanting them, guess I should have made more! To say they least they were a hit! And on that subject I love Kappa Alpha boys- True Southern Gentleman!

Last...well kinda... I started a new Taebo workout class. It was great!!! My friends and I are going on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It totally kicked my but and I loved every second of it. The instructor is motivational and constantly keeping your energy up. Today was a really good workout and I will most likely be sore tomorrow. Hopefully I will be seeing some results soon!!

So thats a recap on my crazzzzzyyyy week and most likely all of fall semester!!
O WAIT! I forgot to mention FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!! Monday night: FSU vs. Miami!! GO NOLES :)