Friday, January 23, 2009


So all these pictures are from my sorority's Big/Little week.If you are unfamiliar with the term "Big and Little" it is just a tradition most sororities do. The big sister is a mentor and friend to a younger incoming member of the organization. Each day of the week had a theme. The first "crafts and candy" of course I went overboard with the candy! By filling up glass containers with bright colored candies (skittles, gumballs, sour patch kids, ect.) they could actually be used as decoration! They really added a lot of fun to the basket. I also added a PJ set in there and a pair of slippers. I kinda of thought of it as a slumber party kit! All you need is PJ's and candy and any girl can have a sleepover! ha ha ha. And even though I am in college, my friends and I have slumber parties all the time!
The next day was "heirloom" day. If you look closely there are owl stained glass. I actually made those! The large one was for my little to keep and the small one was for her to pass down to her future Little sister in the sorority! I also put in little clues and more candy (duh.) Following the "heirloom" theme of the day I passed down gifts that i had received from my big sister, the book "Blonde Ambition", an owl bracelet, and some funny figurines!

The third day was "insignia", so any thing with our letters on them. By this time of the week my little sister is VERY spoiled. But all these gift were found by a combined effort of my mom, and real big sister, Johna. Most were found at very inexpensive prices and enhanced or I just added a lot of ribbon! ha ha ha. For example the blanket, we bought it at TJ MAX for about 4 dollars and then got it embroidered by a friend for about 6 dollars! What a CUTE blanket for 10 dollars. If I were to buy the same thing from a boutique it would sell for about $25 or more. My fabulous mom also made some buttons and filled the hat box with dollar notepads and sticky notes that fit our black and white theme. And I am sure you are wondering what is in the little white box.... CHI OMEGA COOKIES! They are in the shape of the Greek letters with pink icing.

The final day of gifts was "owls", our mascot. In the cake box are brownie I made with a friend. I just added a monogrammed card I made on the computer and added a ribbon to add a finishing touch. People actually though I ordered them from a bakery and they couldn't have been easier to make! I just baked prepackaged box of brownies and used candy corn (for the beak) and gummy lifesaver (for the eyes) with red hots and gumdrops (for the feet). To make the owl shape I just carved the edges of the brownies and then used the scraps for wings! To attach everything I used chocolate icing.

Here is a closer look at the cute owl brownies! You would be surprised all the owl snack I have made! I am sure I will update them sometime!