Friday, November 13, 2009

An update of my fall...

School has been killer this year. With classes like Financial Accounting and Reporting II and Cost Accounting, not to mention an internship to balance, it is hard to have a life. And even harder to blog. While my blogging has lacked, I have done a lot of fun stuff. So here is a quick update...
Parents Weekend! This is a picture of my Mom and Dad at the Chi O house. This is my parents' 7th Parents Weekend at Florida State and Chi Omega. My older sister is a Chi O too, so they have enjoyed many years with us! We always have a delicious dessert party Friday night, a BBQ on game-day and fun game-day activities! This was one of the best years yet!

Next was Formal... This is Emily my best friend and I at dinner before the Chi O Formal. It was held at a local country club and was probably the most fun I have had all semester! My dress is a JCrew dress I got at a "catalog" JCrew store. They are clothes that were over ordered or discontinued...ect. Like a TJMAXX but for JCrew! I love it and the prices are great! I added the brown sash to make it look more appropriate for fall!
Most recently was Emily's 21st Birthday!! (The picture is of my "Grand-little" in my Sorority, Taylor") Here in Tallahassee, on your 21st we celebrate with a Waltz! Its a themed party that travels from bar to bar. Emily is from Texas so of course was themed "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS" We all dresses in cowboys jerseys, red white & blue, and of course our boots! It was great.

So while there were about a million of things that have gone on (football games, Parrot Head Parties, Tye-dying parties, Big Little Revelations, birthdays...and so much more) that was a few highlights of my semester so far!


  1. I love your formal dress- so classic and pretty!

  2. I have def missed your posts...but, it appears you are having the time of your life at college! LOVE that JCrew dress--it's perfect for you!

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