Monday, July 20, 2009

Giant Paper Flower!

This is the cutest project ya'll! I was watching The Martha Stewart Show on Friday and this is one of the projects they created! I am always ready to make any thing crafty, especially something like this where I had all the supplies already and I knew would turn out so perfect! The directions and a Video can be found right here!
I put my giant paper poppy flower on top of a card for a bridal shower to dress up a 'his and hers' gift card set (Sears for him and Bed, Bath and Beyond for her). The Shower theme was 'around the clock'; each girl was assigned a time to theme the gift. For example, 8 am: She received a pancake skillet with batter and all, plus a few spatulas to flip them! Then she would open 9, 10.... so on. A few funny ones were 12(noon) with a gift themed "Afternoon Delight ;)" , so on to 5 o'clock with wine glasses, martini glasses, Koozies, and drink mixes, even a zester! I received 3 o'clock... I figured what better time to go shopping! ha ha ha ( Although any time is good to shop for me!) Really gift cards were something where the Bride could pick out a gift she really wanted or needed! But EVERYONE loved the flower on top. The room was filled with teachers ( mostly k-2nd grade) and of course they wanted to make it a project for their kids in the classroom! It would make a perfect spring craft or Mother's Day gift for the little ones! And it really is that easy! Everything can be found on the Martha Stewart Show website ( Directions, Video, and Templates!)


  1. How fun! Will pass that on to my sister, she is a teacher!

  2. Too cute! Great craft activity to do with my daughter!

  3. I love that you actually made it- too cute!

  4. Hey Katie,
    I'm from Girls God GoodLife Blog. Your blog is sooooo pretty. I told you I'd find you a good Bible Study. I asked a friend at church (the same age group you asked about). She said she's teaching younger girls a study called "Shine" and said she thinks it would work.

    So nice to see your blog!


  5. hi katie,
    i just noticed your friend request today!!! sorry it took so long to respond... i'm still trying to figure everything out with this blogging thing!!!
    anyways, what a coincidence that we both go to fsu!!!
    i actually have a sorority question... i'm interested in rushing, but if i'm on the school's swim team... would i be able to?? also, would i have to live in the house right away??? because i would still like to get to know my teammates as well as "sisters".... thanks!!!
    --katie c

  6. I love this! Good for you for making it. Sometimes Martha's projects scare me to death. They are all wonderful, but kind of intimidating.