Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hence "The Salty Kiss"

I LOVE fishing! Whether is is deep sea fishing or just off shore, something about being in the vast water and surrounded by God's beauty is such an amazing feeling. It is completely relaxing to sun bathe and soak up that salty air, but thrilling to be fighting a fish as well. One reason my name is "The Salty Kiss" is because of my love for Mother Ocean! These pictures are from an adventure filled weekend with one of my best friends. We couldn't get our bait to the bottom before we caught another fish! Here are some fun pictures from the trip!

Megan and I riding to our "spot". New Lilly suit with lots of cute colorful fish! Of course we have to add a little Lilly in ;)

First fish of the day and one of the smallest! ha ha ha

Another BIG one!
Riding home :)

Our Catch! 18 red snappers, 2 massive Kings and 3 Bonita (Bait for another trip)
Then we had a huge fish fry with my family and friends. We feed over 10 people and still had PLENTY of left overs! Thanks to God for such a blessed trip and bounty!


  1. Those snappers are beautiful! Looks like a fun trip you had! And what a great Lily post as well - I enjoyed that - thanks!

  2. I am determined to go deep sea fishing when I get back to the states. When we stay in Seaside, we're all going YOLO boarding! and shopping for more Lilly at Watercolor!

  3. Could I just say you are like every man's dream!! What a great fishing trip. My husband just walked by the computer and he is seriously jealous (I don't think he has ever had a fishing trip quite so successful--ha ha)

  4. Wow - looks like so much fun! My husband did a deep sea fishing excursion while we were on vacation. We dined on some delicious sea bass!

  5. hi katie,
    sorry i took me forever to respond to your friend request... i'm still trying to figure out the blogging thing...
    i'm not quite sure now to officially message you...

    but anyways!!! what a conincidence about fsu!!! i can't wait to get up there!!!

    btw... i have a sorority question!!! if i'm on the swim team, is it possible for me to do rush week???