Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale!!!!!

" Lilly Pulitzer makes everyone look happier, richer, and more fun-loving than they probably are. Lilly equals sunshine."
- Johnathan Adler

Pictures from inside the Warehouse Sale!

And so the blogging begins! I am finally back from my 2 week vacation to Philly and North Carolina. I have to say these past weeks were some of the best of my life! In one week I got to go to the Lilly Warehouse Sale and go crazy, it was my birthday, and got a personal tour of Lilly P. HQ by one of their print designers! Could it get any better?? As I unpacked my stuffed suitcases last night I was Santa in June. As my sister sat there on the couch watching me reveal all my treasures ( the sale could defiantly be considers a treasure hunt), I adorned her and piled her high with new Lilly Polos, skirts, shoes, dresses, shorts, headbands, tops, sweaters... She thought she had died and gone to Lilly Heaven!!

The sale truly was amazing! Because we (Katie L my BFF and I) got to go to the Sale a day early we received extra bargains, plus an extra 25% off and BOGO where I noted. I took advantage of it! I normally don't buy Lilly unless it is on sale, I am a college student after all. I will by summer clothes during the winter and keep them put away wishing the spring would begin to flourish as soon as possible. Then right when it starts to hit those summer highs I buy the sweaters and save them away for chilly nights. But this time the bargains were better than ever and I can wear them right away! I am sure ya'll are wondering just how good the prices were:

Dress: $59-99
Shoes:$60 (+BOGO) really 30 each
Skirts: $39-59
Tops: $59-69
Polos: $24 (+BOGO) 12 each
Swimsuits: $59 (+BOGO)
Samples: $20-40 (+BOGO) this would include anything and everything. It is stuff
they take to show or use as promotions. All size 6 (THANK YOU LORD!). Perfect condition, just very limited in quantity! But this is where you find the real bargains!

All my Lilly Treasures!!

Ps- these pictures don't even do justice! Promise! he he he


  1. Can't wait to see the fashion show! Love it all!

  2. WOW, you did some serious damage, girl haha! Everything looks sooo cute!

  3. You go happy for you!! What a fabulous feeling to be surrounded with Lilly!! What could be better!! Fabulous FInds!!
    xxxx me

  4. Seriously, you should e-mail these photos for my "Lilly Photo of the Week." This is are worse than me girl. Love these photos!

  5. Do samples only last for the first part of the sale, or is it feasible to get some if I head that way later (say Thursday)?

  6. Hi,
    I just started blogging lol and I have no idea what I'm doing... I'm trying to post pictures of the Lilly themed phone cases I made and it won't let me add any pictures?