Monday, May 18, 2009

Can You Feel the LOVE tonight??

What an eventful weekend I had! Let's just say wedding season has officially started for me! ha ha ha. With a party Friday for the Bridal Party and Friends and the Wedding on Sunday, plus 2 more in the coming weekend I have felt the love! I love weddings and all things related to love. I love watching the groom as his bride walks down the isle, the decorations and tablescapes, the Bride's dress, I just love weddings! I always leave weddings happy and completely in love :) It is just all so romantic! This weekend's wedding was held at the oldest church in Florida, it was absolutely beautiful! They used the colors sage green and blue, with whimsical lanterns on the tables, as well as the invitations and programs. It fit in perfectly with the historical atmosphere of the church and downtown area! They even rode off on a vintage bicycle built for two! These are two pictures of the Chapel where they were married.

Speaking of love...the new season on The Bachelorette starts tonight! I loved last season (until all the drama happened) and loved Jillian, this season's bachelorette from the first show. So I can't wait for tonight!!
With all this love I have to put a picture of my boyfriend and I dancing at the wedding! We danced all night :)

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  1. Super cute pictures! You make an adorable couple!!
    Have a fabulous day.
    xxxxx me