Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Just a Boring Science Post... I Promise!

Yesterday, in Cape Canaveral, FL, the Atlantis Space Shuttle was launched into orbit to repair the 19 year-old 'Hubble' telescope. The Hubble needs new batteries and gyroscopes, as well as, cameras and other equipment.

I have always been interested in space since I was a little girl. Of course living close to 2 major NASA Space Centers ,Cape Canaveral being one, and Huntsville, AL the other ( I am in the somewhere in the middle). Not to mention my boyfriend of 5 years is studying Mechanical Engineering with hopes of going into aerospace. I hear so much about the launches and the current happenings of NASA. But what truly sparked my interest so long ago was my first trip to Space Camp in 1999! (I can't believe that was 10 years ago!) I was able to ride in simulators, try on spacesuits, flip lots of switches, build rockets, and learn more than any 5th grade brain could ever absorb. I had gone with a group of kids from my area, although I didn’t know most of the kids. This leads me to the point of this whole blog... I met my Best Friend Katie at Space Camp!

We came from 2 different schools and had never met, but had a few friends in common. But after that week, it was like destiny for us to become friends. We both went to different middle school but attended the same Youth Group and Church, so we stayed close. But it wasn’t till high school till our friendship truly blossomed. We both discovered our love of shopping (Tiffany's, JCrew, Lilly... of course) and took many trips together solely for that purpose! We hosted the BEST parties. I am not talking typical birthday parties or potlucks, but formal Christmas parties with table scapes and color coordinating invitations and Birthdays on Boats, with sundress and ‘mocktails’. Our high school experience is not what most would consider "typical". We both decided on different Universities and pledged different sororities, but I can honestly say I think we are closer now than ever! I visit her family in PA and OBX ever summer and we make trips to see each other throughout the semester. She will be one of my bridesmaids when I get married and I will always consider her my best friend.

So yesterday's launch of Atlantis, was interesting yes, but reminded me of the beginning of a life long friendship more importantly!


  1. Who would've known 10 years ago just how close we would be now. Destined to be best friends for life. ♥

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