Saturday, May 9, 2009

What a Beautiful Morning

Good Morning, it is a beautiful day here! I woke up early to let the dogs out and couldn't believe how lovely it was outside! There were so many people walking outside and biking around the neighborhood. As I said I woke up early...well not quite as early as my mother! She had already been working outside in her garden and new area we have fixed up for her for Mother's Day! The picture of the bench is one of the present we gave her ( a little early!). We have a splendid old oak tree with huge branches and the most intricate bark that had been neglected for quite a while. Well what better time than Mother's Day to change that, a little gift to my mom as well as Mother Nature! lol. Back to the tree... it has been over grown with vines, little pine trees, and dead branches from many hurricanes past, so we spent the whole day cutting away these huge, spiky vines, hauling away dead branches, and pulling up a lot of rotted trees. But it was all worth it...behold a magnificent tree! We laid new mulch around it and put this lovely bench beside it, as well as a few plants and a hanging display for flowers! Mom added a sweet bird house and now it is the perfect Mother's Day retreat! After walking the dogs this morning both my mom and I sat on the bench and chatted a little. The oak tree's shade shielded us from the Florida Sun and we could have sat there all day long. It was truly a perfect little picture in time. I hope we really get some use out of our new garden this summer and I hope this inspires you to do something extra sweet with your Mother tomorrow (and everyday). And give a little love to Mother Nature too ;)

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