Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Summer Essentials

Summer by Kab07g on Polyvore.com

I am counting down the days till my trip to the Outer Banks, NC (OBX)! I have been every summer for quite a few summers now visiting my best friend! Her Grandmother has a house there close to great restaurants, perfect little shops, and of course the beach! Yes, I live on the beach at home, but it is nice to go to other beaches as well! Every beach has its own unique features, although the white sugary beaches at home could never be beat! Before heading to the beach we will be in Philadelphia and hopefully a quick trip to New York City for my birthday~ But we will have to see how it all works out! In my time daydreaming I figured I would try out Polyvore to get a head start on packing :) I have never done it, but had seen it on quite a few other blogs...it was pretty fun. This is was the result... My summer essentials: A Lilly Swimsuit (of course), Costa Del Mar sunglasses + my monogrammed croakies (not shown), my Columbia for all those days fishing, and my favorite nail polish (OPI Chapel of Love). Add in a few star fish and some great summer tunes and I am set! All the above lead to a perfect day at the beach, which always leads to a Salty Kiss, can't wait till my trip ;)

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  1. Great essentials for a perfect summer. That Lilly print is one of my favorites!