Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Dilemma

I will be turning 20 years old next month and my boyfriend keeps asking me what I want! Of course all year I can name a million gift I would love to have and when it comes down to the wire (like now) I can never decide on something I want! I wanted the starfish Tiffany's necklace, but that seems to be a little out of price range. I know he wouldn't mind getting me the "mini mini" charm, but I am not sure I want the mini mini, I like the larger starfish better. I have suggested new Pandora charms because you can never have enough! But considering he has bought me that for at least the past 5 holidays, he wants me to get me something different! (Here are a few that I like...) So what should I tell him?? Do ya'll have any suggestions?? Any cute things you have found recently?