Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Knows Best

Well, it is the end of a divine day in the South! This morning started off with a lovely church service with the family and then brunch at the country club, which I am still full from! Following brunch we came home and opened more presents with Mom. My older sister got Mom the glass lemonade stand in the right of the picture and I got her the two aprons we are wearing. The yellow one I am wearing (on the left) was from William and Sonoma and the green one (on the right) was from a local store called Pizzazz. Why two may ask? Well, recently my mom bought ornamental hooks to put in the kitchen and said she needed new decorative aprons to hang on them. I had remembered her mentioning her longing for new aprons and figured she would love them both! Not to mention I get to wear one too!!

After an eventful and filling early afternoon I went to visit my boyfriend's Mother and Grandmother for homemade pound cake and fresh strawberries. His Grandmother had the most beautiful tea set, a classic and simple pink set. It had caught my eye when we were all sitting in the dining room enjoying our desserts; I told her how I just loved that pink tea set. She fully enjoyed telling me the history behind the tea set and her whole china cabinet, but I loved every second of it! The pink cups, saucers, and tea pot was one of her Grandmother's wedding present! How special.

Overall, it was a wonderful day and all the Mother's in my life were honored today! I hope they felt very special and loved today! Happy Mother's Day!!!

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